Hey!  I’m Lisa Garner, owner and buyer at Texas Size Bling Boutique..or as our regulars call us, “TSB”.  I am soooo not your typical boutique owner!  You will rarely ever find me in front of the camera and you're more likely to find me wearing leggings, t-shirts, and tennis shoes than wearing super cute fits! 🤣                        

So how in the world did I end up with this super fun boutique? Well….my AMAZING family (pictured above) for starters!  TSB has definitely been a family affair since day one!  And we strive to find amazing team members that fit our vibe!  We have been so very blessed with absolute rock stars!  But, prior to building this amazing team, it was just me!  I was making rhinestone tees by hand out of my living room so I could stay home with my "babies" (those babies are now 13 and 14!).  Eventually we grew into more than just blingy t-shirts and the rest has been a whirlwind of chaos, laughter, unknowns, excitement and more than a few tears!!   

TSB brings so much joy to my life because I love offering clothing that fits my lifestyle and yours.  I need looks that will take me from the office, to a ball game, to a get-together with friends, and to church on Sunday! Having versatile pieces are an absolute must to any woman’s wardrobe!  And I love to see people’s confidence shine through their outfit because they look and feel good!! 🤩  

Thank you for stopping by to learn a bit more about how TSB came to be!  I hope you find something you absolutely adore!

For the occasional look behind the scenes, find me on Instagram @lisa_garnertsb