Screen Print Policies


Minimums - Our minimum varies depending on the number of colors in a design and the complexity of artwork involved. Single color jobs may only have a minimum of 24 pieces while multi-color jobs may require 48 or more. Different style/color garments may be included together in the “design count” if the design is the same in size and color. Re-orders are also subject to minimums set forth at the time your order is initially discussed. 

Artwork - All artwork must be submitted in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format at least 300 dpi. If created in Photoshop please send artwork with layers. If done in illustrator, make sure all text is converted to outlines. When submitting files, please also submit a jpeg of how artwork should appear to ensure details are not lost during the transfer of files. If artwork is of poor quality and must be redrawn, the order may be subject to an artwork fee. 

Art Approvals - WE DO NOT OFFER PRESS CHECKS. Art approvals will be sent via e-mail or text within a reasonable time after order has been placed. An image will be sent to you with the digital mock-up. The digital mock-up must be approved or commented for change by the person placing the order. If you do not approve the mock up within 24 hours, your order may be delayed. Changes can not be made once the digital mock-up is approved. Approval is sent on a standard medium size t-shirt. (Actual size of design will vary depending on your order.) PLEASE NOTE every effort is made to ensure your digital mock-up is as close of a representation of the final product as possible. Occasionally variances can occur and we will do our best to ensure you are made aware of any necessary changes at the time of print. *Note: Alley Ink is not responsible for hindrance on production due to delayed approval of the digital mock- up. Please be sure to check your mock-up for artwork accuracy such as: color, placement, spelling and product information. 

Changes to your Order  - Customer requested changes to the order are made at the discretion of our production team. We do our best to accommodate changes but may not be able due to how far the order is in process or due to stated deadlines. Adding shirts to an existing order may be treated as a new order and may be subject to minimums. Once artwork is approved, changes can not be made. In the event a grave error is discovered that would make the pending order obsolete, we will do our best to assist. Please note your order could be subject to additional art and/or screen fees in this case. Production initiated changes can occur when we find that a particular style wonʼt allow for the intended print layout or size, or a design element is needed in order to keep the artwork visible on the garment. In the event we find a need to make a change, we will make every effort to contact you to inform you of this change. 

Cancellations - Absolutely no cancellations will be allowed once your order is finalized. Orders are considered final once artwork is approved and shirt counts are turned in. 

Turnaround Time & Due Dates - Our turnaround is usually 5-10 business days from the time your shirts are received. Due dates are really important to us. If you have a specific date that you must have your items in your hands by, please let us know. It is the customers responsibility to inform us of due dates. Please note that we are subject to availability of many garments and will make recommendations based on your stated due dates. In the event you decide on a style/color that we are unable to secure with sufficient time to receive and print, we are not liable for the missed deadline. Your order is not printed until all pieces of the order have been received. 

Damages - We do our best to ensure every garment is printed correctly, but mistakes can happen both in manufacturing of the garment and in our production facility. Customers have 72 hours to inspect and report any damages or defects with the order. Alley Ink is not liable for any garment manufactured inconsistencies including, but not limited to, mislabeled garments, color dye irregularities, stitching errors, small rips, tears or holes in garments. Alley Ink is also not liable for inconsistencies in due to fabric, dye and/or fabric content. Alley Ink is not responsible if certain items are out of stock. If items are out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer you alternative styles. **Placement: Please be aware that the industry standard is 1/4” tolerance in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint. 

Rush Orders - We do offer rush services, but this service is not always available. In order for your order to be considered as a rush we need the following: 1. Artwork must be ready and to the size you would like us to print it, or simple in design. At the discretion of Alley Ink. 2. Work Order Form must be filled out with all the details of your order including ink colors, garment style and size breakdown. 3. Goods must be on garments that we can have shipped to us within the allotted time. This may limit the style, sizes, and color of garments available to you. Rush orders are subject to a $20.00 fee or a percentage of the order total, at the discretion of Alley Ink and must be PAID IN FULL at the time of placing the order. 

Sizing - Alley Ink can print a wide variety of sizes from youth sizes through Adult 6X.Should you desire to have a smaller youth print than adult print, we will require the same minimum to be met for both youth sizing as well as adult sizing.  If you are unable to meet these minimums, we can suggest a size for your design that would fit both youth and adult sizes.

Provided Garments - We do not accept provided garments at this time.  We have many distributors and can offer a very large selection of styles, sizes and colors of garments.  Many times, we have access to better pricing and can save you money by providing the garment for you.  

Shipping & Deliveries - Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees (if applicable). Alley Ink is not responsible for any delays incurred during the shipping process. The customer must notify Alley Ink when placing the order if the order will be shipped. 

Tax Exempt - If your order is to be tax exempt, we must have valid documentation on file at the time we invoice for the order. Any form of payment presented must match the School, Organization, Church or Company on the exemption form.  Single or Multiple forms of personal payment(s) submitted on behalf of any organization will cause us to charge sales tax. 

Ink Colors - We offer a wide selection of colors to meet the needs of your design. If you do not select these colors yourself, your graphic designer will select them based on the design and will make every effort to make accurate representation of those colors in the digital mock-up process. The digital mock up process is not exact.  We are not able to determine how the computer or device you are viewing a proof on, looks based on that device.  We do our absolute best to ensure what you see is very close to the color renditions we intend for you to see.  We are unable to discount, refund, or reproduce an order based on a difference in color appearance from digital mock-up to final production.  Pantone matching is available for plastisol ink at a charge of $25 per color. Please note that Pantone color mixing is not 100% accurate, and if you are selecting colors off of a computer or device screen that color resolution may impact the color you selected. We will do our best to match colors as closely as possible. In the event you have garments in various colors on your order that require an ink change to complete the set of shirts with the same design, we will charge a $10 ink change charge per color. 

Estimates/Quotes - Estimates and quotes are given based on the information provided by the customer at inquiry.  Changes in the color of shirt printed on, order quantity, design complexity, number of colors, print placement or style of garment, can impact the initial quote.  We encourage you not to quote individual shirt pricing to others until the details of your order have been finalized. 

Prices & Policies - Prices on previous orders do not guarantee pricing on future orders. We will do our best to meet your budget, but please remember we are a small town business and can not always compare to pricing with larger printers. 

Payment - Unless stated otherwise, all orders must be paid in full before shirts are ordered. 

Contract Printing - At this time, we do not offer contract printing.

Count - At the time of picking up your order, you are given a “blind count” sheet. This count sheet outlines the final time your order is counted, post-production and immediately before boxing up.  We do this count without knowledge of what your order should contain so as to ensure there is no bias.  We then compare the blind count to what was ordered.  Any discrepancies discovered by our team are rectified immediately.  We have a place on this sheet where we encourage you to check the count prior to leaving with your order.  If you waive the right to do so, we are unable to replace any shirts you may feel are “missing”.  We also highly encourage the person who ordered shirts to be the one responsible for distribution.  We often hear of mistakes during this process.  Unfortunately, we are unable to retain your screens or set your job up again to fix these types of errors.